Interested in joining NASJA Midwest? You’re in the right spot.

Who qualifies?

You may qualify if you write (or edit) stories about snowsports, whether you do so as an employee or freelancer, in print or through electronic means. You also may qualify if you shoot photographs or videos about snowsports for distribution through print or electronic means. Whether you are in “old media” or “new media,” NASJA may be for you.

You can qualify for membership in NASJA Midwest in several ways. Here they are:

Columns: Five by-lined regularly scheduled columns that reflect the author’s point of view and/or style, or any three by-lined columns that reached a combined paid circulation of one million or more. Work can be distributed in print or electronically. Multiple distributions of the same piece qualifies as one item.

Feature Writing: Five by-lined feature pieces including trend stories, profiles, interviews, news features, general features or narrative stories, or three by-lined pieces that reached a combined paid circulation of one million or more. Newsletters supported by paid subscriptions qualify, other types of newsletters do not. Work can be distributed in print or electronically. Multiple distributions of the same piece qualifies as one item.

Photography: Five credited photographs published separately, or three that reached a combined paid circulation of one million or more. Work can be distributed in print or electronically. Multiple distributions of the same photo qualifies as one item.

Video/Audio: Five original credited video productions; or one feature film; or an average of five minutes a week over a ten-week snowsports season of broadcast material of original content; or five aired television pieces of original content. Can be distributed by broadcast, viewed in theatres, and/or distributed by Internet or portable digital media (CDs, flash memory cards, etc). Can be combined with still images and audio into a single creation.

Blogs: By definition a web-based collection of news, commentary, audio, video, photos, links and/or graphics, with viewers able to contribute. Must meet three of the following benchmarks for membership: 1) have completed at least one year of blogging on a social media or new media web site that allows response feedback; 2) be able to provide proof of income from a source other than PR firms, advertising agencies or commercial organizations; 3) have completed at least four written, audio or visual updates per month (in season) that are editorial, not advertorial; 4) provide proof of at least 5,000 page views per month.

Books: Authors and self-publishers who have produced over at least two consecutive years one book or an update of a book every three years. Includes traditional books as well as any body of work that stands on its own and is published in digital form to be viewed on an electronic reading device.

Editors: Persons employed by print, broadcast or Web site media and charged with assigning, editing and preparing material from more than three reporters or sources, and responsible for making decisions regarding content, space, and/or time allotment. No more than two editors per outlet may join under this guideline; others may join as journalists or photographers as credentials apply.

Publishers and Producers: Publishers or producers who 1) derive income for independent reports on snowsports in their own publications or productions, or 2) whose reports in their self-produced product are regularly purchased for their independent journalistic content. Five examples of the work shall be submitted for review. Publications, reports or programs that are primarily promotional in nature do not qualify.

Membership Acceptance
Please enclose the documentation necessary to show that you qualify under one of the above categories. All material submitted must be snowsports-related and have been paid for by the publication or station, not by the industry. Work paid for by a snowsports resort, snowsports retailer, snowsports manufacturer or public relations company does not qualify for membership. Advertorials are unacceptable. Of the five required snowsports-related materials, one credentials submission may be about summer activities at a snowsports resort.

Candidates for membership representing any special category other than those listed above will be considered individually.

All print material must include proof of publication, including date and name of publication. All Web site material must be “screen captured” and display a URL address/domain name, as well as a byline or photo credit. All stories and photos must include byline or photo credit. Submissions without a byline or credit must be accompanied by a verification letter from an assigning editor at the media outlet. Since members may do a variety of work, often in different kinds of media during the same season, the total volume of work shall be considered. Material must be from the calendar year immediately prior to the date of membership application or membership renewal deadline.

How much does it cost?

Membership is $75 for one year, which runs from July 1 through June 30. Please note: This fee is for active press members who are part of the Midwest region of NASJA. Please see for information on corporate membership or press membership outside the Midwest.

How do you sign up?

Please download the New member application – media, fill it out, and send it with payment and documentation as required to the address listed on the application. Alternately, you may submit some of your information through the online form, below.

Can I sign up electronically?

Partly, but not entirely. We ask that you send proof of qualifications (also known as credentials) via snail mail. You may return the application form via email, and you may also be able to send in your dues via Paypal.


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