2010-2011, February 11

A membership newsletter by John R. LaPlante, regional secretary.

Today’s newsletter is all about organizational business. If you have some interesting news to distribute, please send it via e-mail to (graysontrays at gmail.com).

Membership renewals are coming up

Pretty soon it’s going to be time to renew your membership in NASJA. This year it requires two things: Pay your dues, and make sure your profile is up-to-date.

Please take a few minutes and log onto http://nasja.org/ to verify and if necessary, update your profile. If you don’t know your password, start the log-on process anyway and you’ll be given a prompt that you can use to retrieve it.

Note that the online directory will be the basis of your entry in the printed directory. If you don’t update your profile, the directory may have obsolete information about you.

New for this year: You will be able to place a photo of yourself on the membership card. Details forthcoming.

Can you help recruit new members?

Do  you know someone who might be interested in membership in NASJA? The more, the merrier!

Call for officers

With an annual meeting coming up, the terms of NASJA national officers will come to an end. Interested in being on the board? Now’s your chance. Here’s how Phil Johnson, past president, puts it:

The positions are President, VP for Communications who handles the website and the directory, including arranging for sponsors, VP for Awards who coordinates the Awards program including the recruitment of judges and the production of the ceremony at the annual meeting, and Meeting VP who coordinates arrangements for the annual meeting and solicits bids for future meetings.

If you’re interested, send an e-mail to Phil (philj1407 at aol.com). The deadline is February 15–TUESDAY.

More Facebook

Finally, more news about Facebook. Martin Griff, our national VP of communications, has created two spots for NASJA (the national organization) on Facebook. Here are the links:

Don’t forget, our region has a “fan” page as well: http://www.facebook.com/pages/NASJA-Midwest-North-American-Snowsports-Journalists-Association/117943111549339




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