2010-2011, February 21

Here’s the latest from NASJA Midwest
by John R. LaPlante

Membership drive

This year during our membership renewal process, we’re going to as you to update your profile / directory listing on http://www.nasja.org, and then send your check to Alice.

Brewskis and Brews

Boyne Highlands will be hosting their second annual Brew-Ski festival on Saturday, March 12. The event, which will be held under a tent at the base of the slopes, will feature over 100 craft brews that skiers and snowboarders can enjoy. For details, see the Boyne Highlands website.

Otsego Club

A small group of us spent a few days at the Otsego Club recently. You can read my take on it here.

Hardware entrepreneurs in our midst

The first prototype of a snowboard came, arguably, from the Midwest, whether you look at Sherman Popper’s Snurfer or M.J. “Jack” Burchet’s invention of 1929. Look out for something new, however: Marquette County, Michigan, is home to the Marquette Backcountry Ski. You can read about the ski and its developer, David Ollila, in Marquette Monthly. A new ski? A tweak on a new idea? An entirely different category of ski? Read and decide for yourself.

A use for Twitter

Here’s one example of how Twitter isn’t just for twits. I was looking through a list of snow-related Twitter accounts. I found one blogger who had some interesting things to say. And then another. And then, Michigan Ski Report, a geographically focused website. Sign up for Twitter, follow the bread crumbs, and learn.

Changes to NASJA Constitution and Bylaws

Several changes to the NASJA Constitution, bylaws, and guidelines for annual awards will be considered by the national board at the annual meeting. Generally, they involved updating categories of membership. There’s also some language about the Mitch Kaplan award.



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