Recent clips

What are we writing and producing videos about? Here are some examples.


Banshee Bungee, Jonathan Tollefson, YouTube.

Health and safety
Breaking the Link Between Skiing and Alcohol, Wisconsin Skier.

Nordic Ski Fest, MI Ski Report.

Blazing trail: Fabled Mason Tract Pathway is revered by cross-country skiers, Bill Semion,


Olympians Louie Vito, Nick Goepper Visit Midwest Hometown Hills, Mike Terrell, SnoCountry.


Boyne’s Newest Water Park Attraction Now Open, Bill Semion, Examiner.

Canada’s Big White draws skiers and snow-lovers to its diverse slopes, Brian E. Clark, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

Carol’s Cube (subject: Vail Reports and Afton), Carol DeVore, Midwest Sportster.

Does Liko Smith Really Own the Sugar Loaf Resort?, David Zemens, Agnarchy.

Killington, Vermont, January 2013, Greg Snow, Allways Outdoors (video)

Signs of Change at Afton Alps, John LaPlante, Examiner/Twin Cities Ski & Ride.

SkierNews, Jennifer Hawkins, editor.

ZeVan on Skiing (subject: Sun Valley), Barry ZeVan, Midwest Sportster.

Ski and snowboard lesson packages/deals

A Sweet Bittersweet Beginner Deal This Month, Bill Semion, On the Snow.

Learn to Ski and Snowboard month brings newbies to the slopes, Brian Clark, Wisconsin Department of Tourism.


Skiing Goes to the Dogs, Frida Waara, ActionHub.

Ski clubs

Alice’s Alley, Alice Williamson, Midwest Sportster. (Note: Williamson is the editor of the Sportster, which you’ll find at the Midwest Ski/Sport Council.)

Ski patrol

National Ski Patrol 75th Anniversary, Greg Snow, Allways Outdoors (video)

Snow shows

The London snow show, Greg Snow, Allways Outdoors (video)

Snow tubing

Snow tubing in Wisconsin is fun for the whole family, Brian E. Clark, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

Warm-weather fun

How to Survive the Weekend Camping with a Toddler, MittenKidz.

On the Road West-2013, Bill Semion,

This list is a small representation of the work that our members do. For more, check out our Facebook page, which also has more current coverage. Our member list also has links to individual member’s websites, where you can find more.


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