Professional Development

Our regional meetings feature workshops and meals that help you become a better journalist, whether your focus is newspaper, magazine, online, video, or other media.

Topics from past meetings have included:

There’s an app for that: Smart phone applications that make your work easier.

Bidding for the Winter Games: What’s required to submit an application to host the Winter Olympics? The lieutenant governor of Nevada gave us the inside scoop.

Ski resort real estate trends: What’s the latest? Is buying real estate at a ski area a good investment?

Renovations on and off the hill: Resort owners and managers love to talk about and show off new and and planned improvements to their property.

New equipment: Learn about new equipment, and test it on the hill.

New media: The potential of Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and other tools–and how to use them effectively to gain clients and build an audience.

Midwestern ski statistics: What’s been happening lately with the downhill ski/ride industry in the Midwest?

If you would like to suggest a topic for a professional development session, or would like to volunteer to lead a session, please see the “contact us” page.


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